Hides and Waterholes

Matamba has four waterholes, a thatched hide and a viewing deck built 2 metres off the ground. Latte benches are also situated at various vantage points all over the farm.

Rock waterhole is a short five minute walk from Tau camp, it is a lovely little waterhole built into, and incorperating a rocky outcrop. It is a very busy area and there is always animal activity in the vicinity. The waterhole is allowed to overflow, creating a muddy wallow very popular with Warthog and Bushpig. There is also a resident brown Hyena who visits every night. A latte bench is situated near the waterhole, an ideal place to sit and watch the world go by.

Kibu Hide is built into a huge Wild Syringa tree, it is two meters off the ground and overlooks Zebra plains, and a small waterhole. The game is attracted to the short sweet grass of the plain, which makes Kibu Hide is a lovely spot to spend  a few hours. Mara's Camp is 150m from this hide, and Tau Camp an easy twenty minute walk. 

Ndege Hide is situated on the lower part of the farm, overlooking a beautiful natural spring. It is a thatch building and raised on stilts. Comfortable chairs make this a very worthwhile stop. The mesh on the windows can be raised for better viewing. Eland, Warthog and Kudu are often found around this hide.  One of the Sable herds have settled into the woodland around Ndege and are regular visitors. 

Weaver colonies hang in the trees and their bustling activity is lovely to watch. Kingfishers are also regularly seen bombing into the waterhole in search of prey. A pair of Caracal frequent this area and their spoor is often found at the waters edge.

ndege alma1.JPG
Jacques Ndege water hole 01.jpg

Matamba plains and waterhole is midway between Tau and Mara's camp. It features part of an old runway and a large bush cleared area. The short sweet grass attracts a large variety of animals all year round, and all times of the day. There are magnificent views onto the surrounding mountains. Halfway down the runway another bench is situated, also a perfect place to spend some time enjoying the peace and tranquility that only the bush can offer.