The campsite is situated on a private 400ha game farm, which is home to a remarkable variety of animals, birds and trees. There are about 60km of sandy tracks, ideal for walking. Mountain biking is possible but one needs to be experienced, as the sand is thick in places. There is no driving on the farm.

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Matamba is on a gentle south slope with magnificent views onto the Welgevonden and Marakele mountains. The terrain is generally sandy with several interesting rocky outcrops. 

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There are five trails, Impala, Giraffe, Leguaan, Brown Hyena and Sable rocks. These vary in length and are well signposted, however the whole farm is open to be enjoyed and explored. Maps are available at R30.00 each


Matamba has a large variety of very relaxed plains game, including Sable, Livingstone Eland , Nyala and Giraffe.   It is also facinating to see the amount of spoor on the sandy trails, especially from the nocturnal creatures, Porqupine, Jackal, Brown Hyena, Aardvark to name a few.

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Birding at Matamba is superb, especially during the summer months, it is estimated that over 300 bird species occur here. Lizard Buzzard, Gymnogene, and Black breasted Snake Eagle are regularly spotted. Coqui and Creasted Francolin are frequently seen and heard around the campsite. During the warmer months the bushveld is alive with the ringing call of the Woodland Kingfisher. Spotted and Giant Eagle Owl are also regular visitors to the campsite especially at dusk and dawn.

Several rustic benches are situated around the farm at Waterholes and Look out points.  Rock waterhole and Matamba plains are both very close to Tau camp, while Eland pan, Zebra plain and Lone tree plain are nearer to Mara's camp. Leopard rocks is a lovely spot on brown Hyena trail at the bottom of the farm.

They are wonderful places to sit, relax and absorb the sounds and sights of the bush, to have a bite to eat, or enjoy a sundowner.

















Tau camp has a small splash pool, situated below the camp site . It is a lovely place to spend some time relaxing. Guests at Mara's camp are welcome to also use the pool it is about a 30 minute walk.


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With over 40 mammal and 20 reptile species occuring on Matamba, a large variety of beautiful trees, more than 15 different species of grasses and some exquisite wild flowers, walking on Matamba is an experience never to be forgotton.